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Good bookkeeping leads to good decisions.

Good decisions keep you in business.

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You need better accounting.

Should you hire or outsource?


Some businesses have the resources to hire a bookkeeper, but many don’t. Hiring often involves extra taxes, time spent managing, and higher liability risk for you. Rather than hire, let Barra Books take care of your business bookkeeping needs. We are professional books without the baggage.

We use Intuit Quickbooks, the industry standard in small business accounting. Secure, accessible, and proven.

Your Quickbooks subscription is included, and you will be able to view your books anytime, anywhere.

Our process will free up your time, so you can keep your business running without sacrificing valuable accounting information.

If your current books are a mess, that is ok! We will work with you to get them right, so you have the data to make good decisions.

Professional bookkeeping without all the baggage

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