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About Barra Books

Good bookkeeping leads to good decisions.
Good decisions keep you in business.

Our Story

We have worked with many business owners over the years and we learned a very important lesson. Businesses that take their bookkeeping seriously simply make better decisions. Unfortunately, it is far too common for someone to be a great plumber and a terrible bookkeeper. We have worked with several business owners that were making critical mistakes, and we have helped them get on track in a few short months.
We offer experienced and professional bookkeeping at a price that most small business owners would find accessible. Are we a better value than your current bookkeeping solution? If so, give us a call today!

William Genther

William Genther

Lead Accountant

William graduated from college in 2007 with Bachelor of Arts Degrees in Business Management and Finance. He worked in the highway construction industry for six years, managing scores of contracts and budgets of up to $380 million. After that, he took over as the Director of Operational Analysis for a very successful wealth management practice. William retired from the corporate world in 2015 and has been doing bookkeeping ever since.

Karen Paine

Karen Paine

Senior Staff Accountant

Karen has her associates degree in accounting and has been working in that capacity with businesses and municipalities for ten years. She has over 30 years of sales and management experience, which brings a wise perspective to her accounting analysis.

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